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  “咬定青山不放松,立根原在破岩中。千磨万击还坚劲,任尔东西南北风。”公司所处的境地与青松相仿。公司的发展的离不开环境,环境内的各种风气不断对公司产生影响。“大雪压青松,青松挺且直。”只要把根扎稳了,再大的风雪也不可怕,不像任何困难低头。塑造EMC易倍,就如同高山的青松,一是即使环境在恶劣,也不能阻止EMC易倍 成长为参天大树,二是尽可能把根扎深, 吸足营养,是自己越来越强壮,作用于青松公司,这也就是青松公司的生存根本。

 "Maintain qingshan not relax, vertical root in the rock. Thousands of mill strike also hard, ren erdong southwest north wind." Company's position and the pine. The company's development cannot leave the environment, the environment within the various ethos constantly impact on the company. "Snow pressure ching, ching and straight." As long as the root firm, again big snow is not terrible, not like any difficultly lowers the head. Shaping corporate culture, like a mountain of humans, it is even in bad environment, also can prevent us from grow into towering trees, the second is as far as possible take deep root, absorb enough nutrition, is more and more strong, Yu Qingsong company, this is the pine company's survival.

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